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About Us

Sesembo Hunting Safaris was established in 2014 with Ruan Botha, the new PH in the bush.

Ruan's love for hunting started from a very young age, drawing a slingshot which his grandfather had made, shooting at cans progressing to lizards and eventually to birds. Keeping one rule in mind, "you eat what you shoot!" Needless to say shooting of lizards was quickly refrained from.

As Ruan grew older his passion for hunting did as well, from shooting the old slingshot to his first .22 rifle and eventually to his own bigger calibers. If someone would mention the word hunting, they would find him in his hunting gear on the back of the hunting truck ready to go.

In 2009 he enrolled at the University of Potchefstroom in South Africa and completed a three year degree in marketing and tourism management. After graduating in 2011 he started working as an assistant manager at a tourism lodge where he grew in his experience about management and the people service industry as a whole, a valuable skill for any PH.

In 2013 he started full time hunting as an apprentice, this was the turning point in his life where he learned what hunting was all about. Not just shooting game for their meat, but learning the passion of trophy hunting and proper management of game, by only taking out animals which are old and past their prime as breeding animals. At the end of that year he qualified as a PH, and started free-lancing as a PH all across Namibia, building experience and a name for himself as an ethical and dedicated PH.

Over the next few years he hunted out of bush camps to luxury 5 star lodges in just about every terrain you can imagine, dreaming of his own "old School" bush camp, where clients can experience a small piece of heaven in the African bush and sit around a magnificent camp fire listening to the night sounds as they come alive. A place where he could build his passion for hunting and clients can experience the commitment, motivation and energy he has towards the animals as well as the hunting industry.

Towards the end of 2016 that dream became a reality. With help from his loving wife Fearika and the rest of the family, Sesembo Bush camp was born and opened its zippers to hunters and friends in February 2017.