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Here is what some of our clients have had to say....

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This is my first entry in this Journal, but it certainly won't be my last. I'll be back, after medical school, to hunt more kudu bulls. 

It is a great comfort to know that I am leaving Namibia, having made two lifelong friends, in Ruan and Fearika. 

Save the Hakkies Draad for me. 

Call Coddington 

Grand Rapids USA

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Fearika & Ruan 

I want to thank you for an incredibly pleasant and memorable visit to Africa! It was everything I had hoped for in our stay and so much more. Everything was lekker!! 

Your hospitality and warmth is impeccable, and I came to feel right at home with you both. It was an absolute treat to spend time in the outdoors, appreciating your beautiful property and learning more about your country through you two. 

I will not ever forget the memories I have made here in Africa, and I am already looking forward to our next visit here and spending time with you both again. I am hopeful that will be sooner rather than later. We came as strangers, but I know now I can call you good friends. I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for and with us. Miss this place and you guys already. 

Clare Coddington

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Ruan and Fearika

I often have difficulty finding the "good" in goodbye, but this trip's ending is especially bittersweet. I'm going to miss Sesembo Africa and the people more than ever thought I would, from the trophy hunts to the delicious food, from the beautiful scenery to the warm hospitality. I will miss it all ( maybe not the red romans or hakkiesdraad so much). Nonetheless this adventure was all that I hoped it would be and more. I've learned a great deal while I've been here:


  • Cream soda is green.
  • Dont't smell the water.
  • Being in shape is a must if your hunting with a certain PH named Ruan.
  • Waterfalls are big here.
  • Kudu and warthogs like to disappear.
  • Campfire food is some of the best - especially when Fearika has the ingredients for a "Pottjie"
  • Zebra hides are the prettiest( maybe a little biased)
  • The Southern cross is stunning.
  • When you came you'll never ever want to leave.


We came to Africa as strangers, but left with some very dear friends. I will miss you greatly. Until next time. God Bless!! Give nala a per from me.

Catherine Coddington

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 Top to bottom, the best holiday our family has ever been on!  Fearika and Ruan took care of us in every way as our hosts.  We felt pampered and cared for individually, and in every regard.  The housing is in a beautiful setting  (just awesome!) and constructed with natural views that capitalize on the vast landscape of Sesembo.  So inviting, I couldn't wait to return each night to our little lighted home on the hill, dine on delicious wild African game and enjoy the fellowship of the day's experiences by the fire.  I went to bed each night wanting more and I got it!  Each day was more fun then the last!

Ruan worked overtime to assure us we had an unforgettable trip to Africa.  He is astute and aware (almost a sixth sense,) as to the needs and desires of his guests.  We absolutely loved his wit, stories of the bush and gritty work ethic!  He's a beast when it comes to physical endurance and mountain climbing - can you say momentum?  Each of our children (ages 24,23 & 21) came to love Ruan, along with Scott and myself.  He never gives up and he never gives in!!

 If we thought Ruan was the perfect "man," then Fearika is the perfect "woman."  Fun and engaging, her laughter is absolutely infectious!  She was every bit the hostess Ruan was. Selfless in her desire to please guests, like Ruan, they compliment one another beautifully.  One tip.  Ask, beg and plead for Fearika's oxtail stew!

 I can't say enough about Africa and our experience at Sesembo.  We never wanted to leave.  In 17 days they became more than vacation guides, they became lifetime friends.  

 The ultimate lekker of Sesembo,

I have been blessed to travel overseas many times (and to many continents) in my lifetime.  Beautiful trips to beautiful countries!  And to my recollection, no one has worked as hard to fulfill our family hopes of an unforgettable holiday as Ruan.  I cannot say enough about his devotion to his clients!  This guy is a one-of-a-kind.  Don't hesitate.  Take the trip.  You will never, never regret it.  

Diane Coddington

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Thank you very much for a truly unforgettable experience. Our Stay here at Sesembo has been more than exceptional. Everything from the Lodge to the hunting has been first class operation.

We hope to be back soon.

Brandon & Andon Van Beek


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Ruan and Fearika

We have only one word. BREATHTAKING!!!

We stand in ---- of the ---- camping site, and the amazing friendship and hospitality, outstanding service and the best food we have received. We cannot wait to come back soon and have this experience again. Just to sit around the campfire, feels as if the stars are so close we can just reach out and touch them!

We have learned so much about nature and are humbled by the beauty of His creation!

Ruan Fearika, this place is so special. We thank you from the bottom of our harts, no we bless you with the success, increase and prosperity and just know that you will go from strength to strength.

Much love and blessings

Pieter & Martie

South Africa

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Ruan and Fearika

Thank you so much for an amazing time at Sesembo luxury tent camp. There is not many places in the world where nature and luxury meets so exceptionally well!

It was a great honor for me to hunt my first "gemsbok" in Namibia

The hospitality was spectacular and we will surely be back! Thank you for your friendship and thank you for sharing your knowledge and love for nature with us! Truly unbelievable.

I have never tasted a Zebra Fillet so Magnificent as the one Ruan had prepared for us! My wife will always remember the beautiful sunrise and nights around the camp fire with the most Beautiful sunsets.

Tommie And Mariandie Steenkamp

South Africa

We came and we saw nature through your eyes!!

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The time we spent with you and your family was wonderful. Your love and knowledge of your country, its animals and plants made our hunting very enriching.

Your stalking capabilities are the best I have ever seen. You are an incredible PH! You made it possible for my wife and I to get all of the Trophies on our "wish List" the animals were bigger and more beautiful than we expected to ever see, much less hunt. I am very appreciative of the patience and endurance you showed with my wife and her very first hunt ever. The beautiful Zebra she got will go down as one of the highlights of her life. (You also made it so she now understand what a magnificent sport fair chase hunting is.)

Your facilities and staff exceeded all of our expectation. The food was fantastic, we especially enjoyed the game meat made on the open fire place.

Thank you for a wonderful time.

Your friends for life

Roberto and Katherine Padron

Miami, Florida USA

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