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Map of Sesembo Hunting Safaris area - coordinates on map -19.534707, 14.767210

Major Airlines Flying into Namibia:

Flight Arrangements as well as weapon do's and don'ts:

Countries that require travel documents to visit Namibia:

Traveler's Health and Immunisations for Namibia:

Travel Insurance:

Payment methods and cash handling:

  • At Sesembo Hunting Safaris we do not accept personal credit cards, checks , traveler's checks and bank certified checks as payment. All payment can be made in cash or via Internet transfer.  We highly recommend doing internet Transfers prior to arrival of about 80% of the Quote. And settle the rest in cash, to save you the trouble of carrying a lot of cash.

Wi-fi and connectivity:

  • Sesembo has Cellphone connections to our local network MTC, but Sesembo Hunting Safaris bush camp is built in such a remote location that Wi-Fi is unavailable.

Electrical outlets and adaptors:

  • Sesembo Hunting Safaris Bush camp runs on solar power, for this reason do not have plugs in the rooms. We offer a charging station where all phone, laptops, iPad, and cameras can be charged. With an adaptor for US plugs. Please note that we do not have 110v to 220v converter. 
  • http://www.voltageconverters.com

Bringing your own gun on a hunt - exporting from the States:

Bringing your own gun on a hunt - exporting from South Africa: